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The 120th Canton Fair start to grab a single

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More than 200 countries and regions of the buyers, business elite, world dignitaries, the media gathered in Guangzhou, a pool of wisdom, unlimited business opportunities for the feast, the event were  held in Guangzhou on the 15th Canton Fair,  to win the trick also opened the curtain.

Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places of foreign trade enterprises needs and voices, the 120th Canton Fair on the eve of the Canton Fair for how to obtain efficient access to "the 120th Canton Fair business opportunities", held special training sessions. Fair trade B2B cross-border trade B2B strategic experts, on-site and foreign trade enterprises around the depth of dry goods to share, and gives the "win more orders," the actual combat tips.

Pre-match, bid farewell to a needle in a haystack

Pre-match, is based on the Canton Fair and Canton Fair's core data docking. Canton Fair electronic business in advance through three channels to be informed buyers will demand information, and demand in advance and members of the platform for intelligent matching of goods, the information will be pushed to match the target for both sides. Both to allow buyers to preview the supplier in advance of goods, but also allow suppliers to advance booking buyers.

It is reported that the 120th Canton Fair exhibition area of 1.18 million square meters, the total number of 60,250 booths, 2.45 exhibitors at home and abroad. Canton Fair with its huge scale of the exhibition so that buyers who praise the "good style" at the same time, but also address him "good hard." Many buyers to the scene, to tens of thousands of booths to find their own products you want to purchase as if "needle in a haystack."

Canton Fair electronic technology through technical means, the online resources and online exhibition to achieve data exchange, to help buyers and sellers to improve the efficiency of exhibitors. And this is also the Canton Fair electronic business platform is different from other e-commerce platform provides an important service.

In addition to the efficient matching between buyers and suppliers, a more important value for the Canton Fair is the retention of data. The show is only to provide a front-end intention of the match, the follow-up of the transaction does not understand. After increasing the matching efficiency, according to the procurement of trajectories, one can precipitate data, but also can use the data to feed customers.

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